How Long Does Zenni Take To Ship Reddit

How Long Does Zenni Take To Ship Reddit. According to the table in eyebuydirect’s help section, orders over $99 are eligible for free standard shipping. It originated back in san fransisco, and they are strictly an online retailer.

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You can use a household hair dryer to. My last order, just a month ago, took about two weeks. I entered the prescription details, and the price of the glasses came to $26.90.

Zenni Optical Uses Ups, Fedex, Or Usps To Ship Its Glasses From Its Facility In China To Customers All Over The World.

Mine took about a month altogether and getting the controllers has been a real dificulty for pimax. Standard shipping (usps) estimated delivery: They come usps, i tracked both and it only took a day from novato, california to south carolina.

Priority Shipping (Usps) Estimated Delivery:

Its website estimates a delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks from the time the order. I recently ordered from zenni : Metal frames are usually the most durable, but an extra pair helps.

How Long Does Zenni Optical Take To Process?

Express shipping for $18.95 with delivery in 8 to 12 days. You receive your glasses your eyeglasses are delivered around two weeks from the time we receive your order. While shipping isn’t included in your online order, it is fast and affordable.

How Long Does Zenni Optical Shipping Take?

I entered the prescription details, and the price of the glasses came to $26.90. Note that at this time, express and priority shipping to the us and express shipping to canada is unavailable. I got the notification of shipping on oct 21, and received my glasses on oct 23rd.

I Ordered 2 Pairs 5 Days Apart And Both Took Exactly 14 Days To Get To Myrtle Beach.

Zenni doesn’t have free shipping, so you’ll need to add shipping to these prices. I’m in uk if that has any affect on delivery times, thanks. Price has little effect on durability, so order an extra pair.

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