How To Pair Ease Bed Remote Guide 2022

How To Pair Ease Bed Remote Guide 2022. See troubleshooting tips on page 8 of this manual. If the bed still does not respond, check the cable on the remote for any frays or breaks.

Classics Brands Adjustable Bed Pairing the remote YouTube from

Locate the power cable and ensure that it fits securely into the receiving end of the bed and the wall socket. Step 3 test all remote functions. 3 year parts & labor

When The Red Indicator Light Comes On, Press Any Button On The Remote Control.

If base a does not respond, repeat this step. Ease® fits easily inside bed frames, furniture beds and platform beds that are certified to hold a minimum of 850 pounds. It can also help ease some medical conditions such as acid reflux, snoring, and arthritis.

First, Remove The Casing On The Back Of The Remote, And Ensure You've Inserted The Two Aaa Batteries Required To Power The Remote.

So whatever issues your bed may be experiencing, we are just a phone call away. For twin, twin xl, full/double, queen, and king size power bases, you cannot pair two separate remotes with the one power base. An adjustable base can increase the comfort in your bed by raising your head and legs to a more comfortable position.

Head Position Adjustments (A, B) Use To Raise And Lower The Head Section Of Your Adjustable Base.

Power off the system, plug off the mains cable with power socket; If that doesn't cover it, instructions are posted here too. The remote is no longer in child lock.

The Remote Is Now Paired To The Adjustable Base.

Three (3) aaa batteries are required to operate the remote. See troubleshooting tips on page 8 of this manual. This will not work with other bases.

Pair Remote A To Base B, Then Base A And Base B Can Be Simultaneous Operated By Remote A.

When the pair button stops flashing, the illuminated light on the battery backup box will go out. To raise the height of the bed leg extenders It may be necessary to test the wall socket with another device to ensure that it is receiving power.

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