How To Store Vinyl Records On Wall

How To Store Vinyl Records On Wall. There are three options available, depending on just how lp obsessed you are: By storing them in any of these nine stylish vinyl record storage solutions that will bring a huge smile to your face, and to your place:

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To properly store a vinyl record, you will need sleeves for the disc itself and the case it comes in. It is very important that you mount the racks securely in to the wall studs with several long screws and washers. Black, blue, white, silver or gold.

We Love Wall Storage For Vinyl Records.

I love vinyl records for the music first, but i thought it would be cool to have an easy way to display and enjoy the amazing album cover art as well. Simple and made of mdf and basswood veneer, the assembly media console is just what you need if you want to store your vinyl records in a classy and elegant way and to hide them behind closed doors. As you will see, archival record boxes are designed for the records to be stood and stored vertically.

Sleeves Are Typically Available From Used Music And Record Shops, As Well As Online Retailers Like Amazon, Sleeve City Usa, And Bags Unlimited.

A few years ago, i moved into a. We continued the same way, adding one record. And best of all, the shelves are the perfect dimensions for storing vinyl records.

To Properly Store A Vinyl Record, You Will Need Sleeves For The Disc Itself And The Case It Comes In.

Buy now koeppel design vinyl record dividers set, $153 17 floating. We pressed the record to the ceiling, putting pressure at the location of the two picture hanging strips for about 10 seconds. Most vinyl records will require either 7 in (18 cm), 10 in (25 cm), or 12 in (30 cm) sleeves.

Then, Peel Off The Black And Blue Strips And Adhere Them To The Wall With A Second Screw.

Finding the perfect way to store your records can be challenging because you don’t want to sacrifice the records’ integrity for style. Since the record owner needs access to the top of the frame to reach the album, these frames would need appropriate vertical spacing to avoid the need to remove them from the wall. With a cool minimalistic feel, the dovetail record crate is a handsome solution to the problem of an overflowing record collection.

Storing Vinyl Records Flat Can Place Too Much Pressure On The Records Lower In The Stack Causing Damage Over Time.

The brimnes is our favorite option, and has several long storage boxes underneath and kallax style boxes along the side that accommodate vinyl records nicely. There are three options available, depending on just how lp obsessed you are: The rack is made of metal and can be order in one of five colours:

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